Born in Vienna, Thomas Pinschof studied flute with Camillo Wanausek at the Vienna Conservatorium, Aurèle Nicolet, Karl-Heinz Zöller, Severino Gazzelloni, Jean-Pierre Rampal and Australia Council sponsored study with Nikolaus Harnoncourt, the world renowned expert on historical performance styles.

Thomas left the Vienna Symphony Orchestra in order to work with ENSEMBLE I, a chamber music group which he founded in 1971. Awards won at several International competitions included the Concorso Severino Gazzelloni and  the Alban Berg Foundation. He later studied chamber music with Janos Starker and Menahem Pressler of the Beaux Arts Trio at Indiana University in the United States.

In 1976 he was invited with ENSEMBLE I by the Victorian College of the Arts in
Melbourne to be Artists in Residence. 

Thomas now lives and works in Australia and continues to travel extensively giving masterclasses and solo performances in most parts of the world. Renowned for his exciting teaching methods, he has taught at the Vienna Conservatorium, the Canberra School of Music, the Faculty of Music at the University of Melbourne and at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Since music has always fascinated him, Thomas has also written articles for  THE FLAUTIST and THE AUSTRALIAN MUSIC TEACHER in Australia,  FLUTE NOTES in London, TRAVERSIERES in Paris and TIBIA in Germany. His publications also include editions of music, compositions and transcriptions for flute ensemble, orchestra and chamber music in various combinations for publishers Doblinger, Universal Edition, Zimmerman and Zen-On, as well as his own series PINSCHOFON.   Recordings for Deutsche Grammophon, Adel-Cord, Philips and many major TV and radio stations in all parts of the world, as well as invitations to festivals, have brought him international acclaim.

Pinschof's special concern lies in broadening and improving the traditional and tonal limitations of the flute. In the course of his research he developed the Pinschofon, a special bass flute named after him

Pinschofon Dvorak Humoresque

Dvorak Humoresque op. 101 No 7
Thomas PINSCHOF - Pinschofon Delyth STAFFORD - Harp
The Pinschofon is a specially extended bass flute, designed by Thomas Pinschof in the early seventies. Although in C its lowest note is G (with the special bell shape attachment F) making it a real bass instrument. Due to the unique design the weight of the instrument rests on the floor. This enables the player to easily manipulate the keys for the additional notes. Its characteristic shape makes this flute generally easier to play and technically more agile than the normal bass flute. This instrument was first made by Werner Wetzel in Berlin and further improved later by his master student and successor Christian Jäger in München, Germany. Many contemporary composers have written chamber music, solo works and even solo concertos for the Pinschofon. In the flute ensemble it shares the cello function with the contra bass flute and can be considered the backbone of the bass section.

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