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Worlds News- various topics updated all the time
Art Prints of the world's Greatest Artists
Art Prints & Posters of works from the Great Art Galleries of the world
Art Prints of the work of Great Photographers

"Classical Gems from YOUTUBE"   


Here are just a few of the many things you'll be able to do with Music Teacher's Helper:

- Schedule lessons for your students and see them on an interactive calendar!
- Track your students' payments. See both those payments you've received and who still owes you money!
- Update your studio website with your teaching policy, photos, and more. This is always Free.
- Offer logins to each of your students so they can access the site from anywhere to see their own lesson schedules and payment history!
- Create, print, and send professional invoices and billing statements to your students!
- Create and view reports for tax purposes, or just to track your studio growth!
- Send your students e-mail reminders about recitals, competitions, and even your own newsletter, all at the click of a button!
- Track items you've lent to your students.
- All this and so much more!!


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PBS Teacher Source - is an amazing source of Lesson Plans and activities for students - especially the Literature and Music pages. The Violin and its Masters for Grades 7-12 , The Story of The Nutcracker from Grades 6-8, Jazz Lesson plans, PLUS numerous Lesson plans for Literature, Theatre, and Dance

There are numerous excellent sites in USA for Teachers which all have Newsletters Some suggestions are:
Education Planet - The Education Web Guide
Lesson Planet - The Teacher Web Guide
Teacher Web Tools - Easy, Powerful Web-based Tools for Teachers
Sites for Teachers

AddictionResource.com, - raise awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps K-12 students stay drug-free
HealthCorps - who also promotes healthy living among children

Art Teachers: Although we have many pages devoted to individual artists our ongoing project is to increase the Museum/Art Gallery pages to include all the major art works in each gallery with details about their original works. After viewing the Prints available one can then visit the Gallery knowing more about the Art one can see.
Have a look at the page of the first Gallery we've worked on - The Musee d'Orsay in ParisUtah Museum of Fine Arts - art lesson plans

Here are some links sent to me to pass on to hard working teachers...............

Explore the World Without Leaving Your Classroom

K-12 Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans on Animals

Disabilities and Special Education Lesson Plans

Fun Real Estate-Themed Lesson Plans for K-12

Understanding Money Management at any level: K-12, College, and Students with Special Needs

Book Report Alternative: Creating Reading Excitement with Book Trailers

Critical Thinking Lesson Plans to Subvert Alcohol Advertisers


Suggestion for this link came from Lindsay Harmon.  Thank you Lindsay!

ARTSEDGE from the Kennedy Center has Teaching Materials for teachers of all levels of the Arts
Lesson Plans Page

Poetry.com - also has contests for poems

Math Forum - discussion groups, lesson plans

BIG CHALK - information for librarians and media specialists, as well as teachers and students

EDUCATION PLANET - search 100,000 educational web sites

FAMILY EDUCATION - Parent advice, child development and family reference.

TEACHER WEB.COM - get free web sites where you can post assignments and classroom announcements

Find out about cultural events happening in world-wide
broaden your knowledge by using links in Music, Art, Drama, Literature: and Dance, visit Books on-line, Poetry, Film, Composers, Painters and Art Galleries, Dancers, Choreographers and Ballet Companies, Opera, Song texts and Opera libretti, Recordings, Musicians and Conductors, and more,

Enrich this project by sending us the URL of any worthwhile sites you find. 

Learning Page now has more than 2,250 worksheets, activities, books and lesson plans on the Web site for you to download and print. They also have a fantastic Newsletter you can sign up for. Take a look at their list of Sites for Teachers which has over 300 Web sites for educators listed by popularity with teachers. The listings change every hour.

There are many sites for Teachers which offer FREE lesson plans and worksheets and more: here are a few of them!
abc TEACH.COM - this site created by an elementary school teacher, is clear and easy to follow, offering ideas and educationally sound suggestions to help with learning and teaching, materials being added on a continual basis, . Easy, online materials for immediate use which can be printed directly from the screen with no downloads being necessary!
BEST ON THE WEB - featured a large database of recommended sites for Teachers
SITES for TEACHERS.COM - has a database of recommended sites which contained 666 sites when updated on 01/25/02!
RHL SCHOOL.COM - is your place to get an enormous supply of free worksheets for teaching, reinforcement and review. Many of these worksheets can serve as the basis for lessons.

SOFWeb The Directorate of School Education - all state schools in Victoria are part of this network which promotes on-line learning and the development of excellence in teaching strategies
W.A. Department of Education t
Arts Victoria  

ABC Classic FM
ABC Radio National
various topics updated all the time

Australian Music Centre
Country Music association of Australia

Library - links from Indianna University USA
Web sites with Bach information
Composers biographies and their works
The Vatican exhibit - original manuscripts of great interest


EDUCATION - unsorted links
My virtual reference desk Contents - this is quite an amazing site !
Brittanica on-line

ANAT Australian network for art and technology

Article of the Day

Web content provided by The Free Dictionary

My virtual reference desk - Books & Literature
On-Line english grammar explains every aspect of English Grammar - adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, determiners, verbs, nouns and possessives.

The mother of all Art history pages - Do not miss this one !
Internet University Art History - wonderful set of links to each of these
WEB-ART's ART page


Vacation house swap (overseas) for Teachers
Worldwide internet music resources from Indianna University USA

Internet for Learning - educational database from UK
My virtual Reference Desk - contents
My virtual Reference Desk - Music on the internet
My virtual Reference Desk - Computer graphics
Eduzone The Education Web Site - Science and technology
The CRANE School of Music USA
The Manhattan School of Music
Julliard, New York
The American School of Paris
Childrens Music Web

Click on SHEETMUSICPLUS.COM to go straight to their music titles.
Information about edition and editor and the time it takes to despatch order is included.
OR use their search box to search for a particular title

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